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Theydeserveit >> Flowers >> Flowers Meanings >> Meaning Of Different Flowers

Meaning Of Different Flowers

The humans have used flowers to verbalize their feelings and emotions on various occasions related to them. Be it the commitment of love by a boy to a girl or the confession of everlasting love by a husband to a wife or the occasion of paying of homage to a dead person, these flowers have always been used by assigning different symbolic meanings to them.

The romantics of the Victorian -era firstly gave the meanings of different flowers. Gradually many more meanings of flowers were invented and a long list of the meaning of different flowers was created.

Knowing the importance of the flowers in our lives we have come up with a list of meaning of different flowers, which can be of great use to you when the next time you think of buying flowers for the expression of your innermost emotions.


Acacia - Obscured Love
Aster - Symbol Of Love, Variety, Grace
Ambrosia - Reciprocation Of Love
Apple Blossom - Promise
Azalea - Abundance
Azalea - First Love


Buttercup - Cheerfulness
Bells Of Ireland - Good Luck
Basil - Love, Best Wishes
Bird Of Paradise - Magnificence
Bluebell - Humility
Burnet - A Joyful Heart


Cactus - Warmth
Carnation, Striped - Refusal
Calla Lily - Splendid Beauty
Carnation, Red - Admiration
Coriander - Lust
Clover - Good Luck


Dogwood - Durability
Dahlia - Good Taste
Daisy - Innocence
Daffodil - Respect
Dandelion - Wishes Come True


Eucalyptus - Protection
Euphorbia - Persistence
Eremurus - Endurance
Elm - Dignity
Edelweiss - Daring


Fern - Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not - Remembrance
Forsythia - Anticipation
Flytrap - Deceit
Fir - Time
Freesia - Innocence


Ginger - Strength
Gloxina - Love At First Sight
Grass - Surrender
Gardenia - You're Lovely
Gillyflower - Bonds Of Affection


Hibiscus - Delicate Beauty
Hyacinth, Blue - Constancy
Hydrangea - Thank You For Understanding
Honeysuckle, Yellow - Bonds Of Love
Hyacinth, Purple - I Am Sorry

Iris - Wisdom
Ivy - Love
Iris, Blue - Faith
Ixia - Happiness


Jonquil - Sympathy
Jasmine, Spanish - Sensuality
Jasmine, Yellow - Grace
Jasmine, White - Amiability
Judas Tree - Unbelief


Lemon - Zest
Lily, Orange - Hatred
Lavender - Devotion
Lily - Majesty
Larkspur, Purple - First Love
Larkspur, Pink - Fickleness


Mimosa - Sensitivity
Moss - Maternal Love
Myrtle - Love
Mint - Virtue
Marigold, Pot - Grief
Magnolia - Dignity

Narcissus - Egotism
Nasturtium - Conquest
Nightshade - Truth


Oleander - Caution;
Orange - Generosity
Orchid - Love
Orange Blossom - Brings Wisdom
Olive Branch - Peace


Poppy - Eternal Sleep
Peppermint - Cordiality
Poppy, White - Consolation
Primrose, Evening - Happy Love
Periwinkle - Friendship
Petunia - Resentment


Rose, Pink - Perfect Happiness
Rose, Burgundy - Beauty Within
Rose, Peach - Desire,
Rose, Dark Pink - Thankfulness
Rose, Moss - Confessions Of Love
Rose, Hibiscus - Delicate Beauty


Salal - Zest
Smilax - Loveliness
Scabious - Unfortunate Love
Spearmint - Warm Sentiment
Sunflower - Adoration
Spider Flower - Elope With Me


Tulip - Perfect Lover
Tulip, Yellow - Hopeless Love
Thyme - Activity
Tulip, Variegated - Beautiful Eyes
Tuberose - Dangerous Pleasure


Violet - Modesty
Violet, Blue - Watchfulness
Violet, White - Let's Take A Chance
Violet, Yellow - Love Of Country
Viscaria - Will You Dance With Me?

Woodruff - Sweet Humility
Weeping Willow - Mourning
Wheat - Friendliness
Water Lily - Purity Of Heart


Yarrow - Healing

Zinnia, White - Goodness
Zinnia, Yellow - Daily Remembrance
Zinnia, Scarlet - Constancy

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