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Theydeserveit >> Flowers >> Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers Romantic Flowers Romantic Flowers
Flowers are known to add to the romantic atmosphere. The history of the usage of flowers in the romantic context dates back to the times of Egyptians who used flowers as a symbol of romance, passion and desire. Till now these flowers are used as a symbol of love and romance.

Whenever we think about romantic flowers, then only red and yellow roses come to our minds. But there are other flowers like tulips, daisies, lilacs and even sunflowers, which can be used in the context of romantic flowers. If we have so many options for romantic flowers then why not combine these flowers and create a romantic flower bouquet, which can help you in romanticizing your life a little more.We here give certain ideas about different flower combinations for romantic flower bouquets

White Carnations

Carnations are considered to be the most romantic flowers, obviously after red roses. But if you have got bored of giving the same red roses to your beloved then you can very well settle for the white carnations. The best way to gift these carnations would be to place delicate pink-tipped white carnations in a big red cube.

Red Roses And Purple Iris
Your beloved brought all the colors of life into your world. Why not give her a combination of bright colors to tell her this? You can have a flower bouquet made up of red roses, purple irises and stargazer lilies to show her your love in a stunning and spectacular way.

Red Tulips And Blue Iris
A combination of red colored tulips and blue colored iris in a flower bouquet looks like embraces of a lover. It would be a superb contrast in colors and would definitely bring joy to your loved ones. The perfect flower bouquet should have 12 red tulips and 12 blue irises.

Red Rose Bouquet
If any of the above combinations of flowers don't appeal to your senses, en you can always go for the red rose flower bouquet. You can have 12 red roses tied with a beautiful ribbon and can gift them to your beloved to tell her how much you love her.

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