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Framed Art

Mostly the paintings and the photographs are counted among the framed art work . But, the interior decorators suggest numerous other ways to decorate one's home or office with other varieties of framed art work . The array of framed art works includes the nicely decorated wall mats, tiles and wall paintings.

The boring one or two colored walls are passé nowadays. People love funky or floral motifs on the walls. The latest style is textures on the single color. The textures are often made with the help of frames and give a feel of a framed picture . That is why the artistic designs on the wall are counted among the framed art work . These textures are made by brushes, rollers, sponges and towels. Sometimes frames are put on a particular design or motif on the wall. This gives the feel of a framed art .

Canvas paintings have been beautifying the walls at people's home and offices from time immemorial. The ancient man started itching human and animal figures on the cave-wall as soon as they learned to draw. The first colors were the extracts of plants, herbs and flowers. But at that time they hardly knew how to comfortably carry the pictures they painted. Later on they learned the art of sketching and painting on the palm leaf. Gradually fabrics and papers started being used as the materials for art works . Naturally people realized that their paintings deserve to be preserved. So they invented the art of framing pictures.

Water color paintings appeared to be quite difficult to preserve. Most of the people prefer oil paintings, because, it can be hanged without a glass sheet over it. The unique surface texture of the oil paintings gives a feeling of originality. Especially the landscape looks from a considerable distance like the window opening towards a marvelous nature-scape.

According to the old Philosophical school, the real world is the replica of the 'ideal world'. Painters try to replicate the real world. So that replica must be as close to the real world as possible. Humans are social animals. They prefer living in home rather than roaming around the valleys and forests. Still they have not been able to ignore their affinity towards nature totally. That is why they do vain endeavor to frame it inside their house.

Art does not only mean the pictures of nature. The genre Modern art consists of the geometric forms and shapes. Only the textured colors can spare the usage of pencil and still give an outstanding effect to the photograph. Charcoal sketches can be done with absolute mastery to enliven the picture without the use of color. What matters most is the effect of light and shade. Proper kind of shading can give three-dimensional effect to the two dimensional picture.

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