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As we all know, the three basic needs for people are food, clothing and shelter. This goes to show the importance of clothing in almost all the spheres of life. If we think practically, the main function of clothing is to protect our body from environmental hazard. The dresses that we wear also separate us from one another. Clothing is also known to personify social messages that can be extremely meaningful at times.

acts as a discriminatory tool in many societies on certain occasions. During the medieval period, garments dyed with Tyrian purple, was used only by the Roman Senators. Hawaiian Chiefs of the highest order, used feather cloaks and palaoa (curved with the teeth of a whale). Even in the kingdom of Travancore, women who belonged to the lower section of the society were made to pay some special taxes, for covering the upper portion of their body. Even China (before it became Republican state), only the king was authorized to wear yellow colored garments.

In many parts of this universe, the particular clothing style which is represented by an individual may be a determinant of his/her caste or religion. Like a Muslim Woman needs to wear a Hijab strictly to embody her religion. A male Sardar needs to display his religious belongingness by wearing a turban in his head and a bangle in his wrist. Even a traditional French female peasant gets identified by her cap.

In the 21st century, the global clothing scenario is highly influenced by Western clothing ideas. This practice of following western clothing has become so popular that even people from the oriental and middle-east countries are following the popular used clothing trends of the western societies.

Clothing at times can also be used in societal discriminations. It can help to distinguish between two persons who Originate from different strata's of the society. People who generally belong to the higher class of the society, have different preferences in relation to clothing, from those who belong to the middle and lower class respectively. Keeping all these in mind, w can aptly comment on the fact that, clothing is a very important constituent of our daily lives.

As for the usage of Clothing as a gift item, one needs to be prudent in making the right choice, depending upon the situation, the person for whom the gift is meant and other related factors. With constant media exposure and globalization, people of all ages and both sexes are more conscious of style and substance as far as clothing is concerned. For kids, clothing as a gift item needs to be totally different and as per the prevailing trends in the kids world while for teenagers, it should again match their respective preference and tastes. For men and women again, determinants like their age, position and the situation for which the gift is meant should be considered. One comes across plenty of clothing options in stores, shopping malls and all around. The trend in all sorts of clothing also keeps changing constantly. It is important to contemplate clothing gift ideas keeping the broader picture in mind.

When considering a clothing gift you have a wide variety of options from which to choose. You can give clothing as a gift at any time of year or for any occassion. As children get older, they often ask for clothing and as a gift. Clothing becomes more and more important to young people as they leave their early years and enter their teen years. giving clothing as a gift to a teenager or giving a gift certificates for the teenager can buy clothing for themselves is an excellent choice around the holidays or for birthdays.

Clothing is often a gift that is exchanged between husband and wife. A wife who often by her husband a shirt or pair of pants as a gift for that and anniversary or birthday. A husband will often by clothing for his wife. Especially if it is a clothing accessory like a pin a hat or possibly gloves.

clothing also makes an excellent present when children are going back to school. Finding new clothing and new outfits for children. So that they can look their best as they go back to school is fun to the parents or for the friends and family were considering clothing as a gift for young ones.

There are many ways to purchase clothing including going to a local department store or purchasing a clothing online. If you know the size in a style in the preferences of the person you're looking to buy for than buying clothing for them as a present should be both fun and rewarding.

In fact To know more of clothing gift options, keep visiting

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