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April Fools Days

April 1st of every year is April Fools Day and a time when all sorts of pranks and jokes become acceptable. April Fools Day jokes can run from the innocent and sweet all the way to the very vulgar and unacceptable. We would hope to give you some good ideas for appropriate April Fools Day jokes and gifts as you take some time to review the pages we offer on No matter what your selection of Aprils Fools Day gift or prank you can only hope that the person is in the right mood to make the day special for both of you.
When considering an April Fools Day prank or gift people will normally consider family members whom they know very well and who will have a predictable response. April Fools Day jokes for mom or dad and brother and sister are almost an institution in some families. Other people are very comfortable playing April Folls Day gifts on people who work together with them in the office. As long as the boss is not going to be upset the office can be a perfect place for an April Fools Day gag. April Fools Day In The Office
Jokes and presents that are not too disruptive are the best for April Fools Day in the office. With some clear scotch tape you can get some good laughs.

Put tape over the keyhole for the door to an office and watch as someone tries to figure out how to get the key in or why the hole is covered. Tape is also very good when placed over the pick up button on a telephone. Someone will try to pick up the phone but never get a dial tone because the pick up button is taped down. Balloons also make a fun April Fools Day gift for in the office. Just fill someone's work space so filled with balloons that they can not even sit down to get the day stated.
Aprils Fools Day Gifts and Jokes for Home
At home the younger members of the family tend to really enjoy finding a way to play a joke on each other or on mom and dad. Brothers especially love to get their sisters with something that is normally very gross and will cause a scream. This is where a wide variety of plastic April Fools Day gifts come in handy. Things like the fake dog poo in the bath tub or the spilled milk next to the fridge are always good for a laugh and a scare. Another classic April Fools Day prank to pull at home is to switch the salt and the sugar so that a cup of coffee with sugar added is no longer nice and sweet but all salty and gross.

At we have pages for each and every member of the family and for office April Fools Day gifts as well. Some ideas are classic and some are not so well known and would be a total surprise to see on April Fools Day. If you are looking for an awesome gift to give a friend or the boss on April Fools Day we have those ideas as well. So have fun thinking about your next April Fools Day surprises.