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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year celebrations begin on the occurrence of the new moon on the first day of the New Year, and ends after fifteen days. It is a 15-day celebration and each day is celebrated with great zeal. This festival is celebrated among the family members and is seen as an occasion of family re-union. In these fifteen days the whole nation feels united and joins the celebration with their near and dear ones. The Chinese New Year is determined by the Chinese New Year calendar which is based on the lunar year and so the date of the Chinese New Year changes every year.
The Chinese calendar follows a 12-year pattern with each year named after an animal.  The Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year. On the first day of the New Year it is considered indecent to tell a lie, raise one’s voice, use indecent language, or break anything. Chinese New Year celebrations are considered to be fascinating and a colorful holiday for the Chinese. The homes are well cleaned to welcome the New Year and to sweep away bad luck of the previous year. People paint their houses traditionally in red as the red is considered to be a lucky color.

Also they decorate their houses with paper cuts, Chinese couplets and many other decorative materials. Parents give their children money in red envelops that symbolize good luck. The end of the 15-day celebration is considered to be the ‘Lantern Festival'. People light colorful lanterns in their houses and eat traditional rice prepared specially for this day. The day is also marked by traditional folk songs, dance and lantern shows. The core message that the Chinese New Year festival carries is that of peace, prosperity, happiness and brotherhood.

To make the celebration more fun loving and enjoyable small gifts like sweets or food are also exchanged between friends or relatives of different households during Chinese New Year celebrations. A common tradition of offering gifts when visiting friends or relatives at their homes is followed by everyone. People present fruits; typically oranges, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, candies, or some other small gift to their near and dear ones. This occasion is also seen as opening of new markets and setting up village fairs as people shop for decorative items for their homes as well as New Year gift items for their relatives and friends. These markets are usually open-air markets and offers New Year related products such as flowers, toys, clothing, and even fireworks for its customers.

An integral aspect of Chinese New Year celebrations is the use of firecrackers. People burn firecrackers during this festive season; these firecrackers are usually rolled up in a red paper and strung on a long fused string, so as to hang them upside down. When lighted these deafening explosions are believed to scare away evil spirits and show the joy & excitement of the people on the occasion of New Year. People wear red color clothes throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations because it is believed that red will scare away evil spirits and bad fortune. In addition wearing new clothes also symbolizes a new beginning in the New Year.

The major activity of this occasion is to pray to gods for good luck, wealth, health, wisdom, career, longevity, Peace and happiness at home. Temples are crowded with worshippers burning incense and offering prayers for fortune and happiness in the coming year. Chinese New Year celebrations are a matter of great joy & happiness for everyone and this occasion is the perfect opportunity to get close to your loved ones.