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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Chinese New Year Fireworks

Chinese New Year Firworks


Chinese New Year is the most celebrated event for Chinese people and is the biggest event marked on the Chinese lunar calendar. It usually is a two-week long celebration, complete with delicious food, parades on the streets and of course displays of Chinese New Year fireworks. Though Chinese New Year celebrations have become modern in their approach, ancient customs and rituals are also followed along with the modern trends. New Year festivities usually start on the first day of the month and continue till the fifteenth. On this occasion all family members get together to have a gala time, make merry and burst lots of crackers.

Fireworks and Chinese New Year celebrations go hand in hand. The use of fireworks is a tradition and is related to an ancient custom. According to the legend, people in China lit bamboo stalks to frighten evil spirits; this was centuries ago, and is now replaced by burning of fireworks. Therefore Chinese New Year fireworks are highly encouraged during this holiday season to ward off evil spirits and misfortunes from entering the New Year. Even the government of China supports the use of fireworks, to let the people know that they are one with the people.

A wide display of fireworks is seen in almost each and every shop, weeks before the arrival of Chinese New Year. Different varieties of fireworks are sold, from low sounding ones to ones, which can be heard over a long distance. Children and teenagers are especially fond of bursting crackers, and you can find them in dozens, thronging the shops to buy Chinese New Year fireworks.  The people of the country put in a lot of effort and planning to light these fireworks, so that they look really innovative and attractive. All sort of entertainment programs and events are held, where the use of fireworks is a must.

The most popular Chinese New Year fireworks are the canon sized firecrackers, available in almost every store, and is perfect for those who really want to make some loud noise. Firecrackers are burnt continuously for the first two weeks, whether it is day or night. There is also the famous dragon dance with which the bursting of Chinese New Year fireworks is associated. Legend has it that firecrackers were burnt to awaken a sleeping dragon, which would help to bring rain for prosperity of agriculture. Since China is a country which depends mainly on crops, heavy showers are really important to them. It is customary during the parade, to throw firecrackers at the feet of the dancing dragon to keep it awake.

Moreover, according to Chinese tradition, people should be stay awake the whole night on New Years Eve, so there is one more reason to burst firecrackers throughout the night.
Beautiful and attractive firework shows are put up by various organizations as well as the government, that light up the sky the whole night. This is also a big tourist attraction, and people from all over the world come to see this display of fireworks.

Exchange of gifts is also customary during this time of the year as is with any other festival.  Apart from new clothes, accessories, decorative items, etc. firecrackers & firework hampers as gifts are also well appreciated during the Chinese New Year. Children are especially fond of receiving Chinese New Year fireworks as gifts. There are many who gift money to children in red envelops to buy gift or firecrackers of their choice. But while bursting crackers, extra precautions should always be taken by children as well as adults, so that no accidents or mishaps occur, in the midst of such a bright and colorful festival.