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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Chinese New Year Party Gifts

Chinese New Year Party Gifts

Chinese New Year Party Gifts

The Chinese New Year is a time of family get-together and is the perfect occasion to have a gala time. The Chinese New Year party gifts for your friends, relatives and dear ones should convey the message of your undying affection for them. People in China have the tradition of presenting gifts to their loved ones on the occasion of the New Year. These gifts give out the underlying message of peace and happiness for family members and friends.
The Chinese lunar calendar can be considered as a good option for Chinese New Year Party Gifts. This calendar is structured to represent the 12 different animals and characterizes the cycle of nature that synchronizes with the moons natural cycle, as opposed to the Western Linear concept of time. The lunar calendar is used for festive occasions and is used extensively for Chinese Astrological formats and calculations. The New Year celebration mark the dawn of the New Year and is a time to welcome the new zodiac year.

An Australian lunar gold coin can also be a wise Chinese New Year Party Gifts.  For the Chinese culture, compatibility, matchmaking and luck cycles are deeply linked to a person’s astrological animal symbol to which he/she belongs.

An Australian lunar gold coin is an ideal Chinese New Year gift for anyone born in the relevant animal year or as a special token to bring wealth, health and happiness.

In Chinese culture different mythological characters depict various character traits such as health, wealth, longevity, success and so the coins are crafted to symbolize these desired traits; which make these auspicious and highly valued gifts.

Other options for Chinese New Year Party Gifts can also consist of decorative Chinese mirrors or Chinese calligraphy art works which can be customized with different wordings, and such a gift will be highly appreciated by the receiver. Yixings teapots made from purple clay are considered as one of the best Chinese gift items since collecting teapots is a popular hobby in China. Three-Legged Money Toad which is the most auspicious symbol of money-making can be also chosen as a New Year gift for friends and relatives.

In China the New Year celebration is incomplete without firecrackers. Hence one can present firecrackers to his friends or relatives as Chinese New Year Party Gifts as such a gift will definitely spark up the New Year party. It is believed that the noise exploding from the firecrackers will scare away all evil spirits and misfortunes, preventing them from coming into the New Year. One can also gift an amulet which is simply a pendant, charm or object carried for protection from evil, illness or harm and bring good luck. Gifting a Jade I Ching pendant which is a combination of jade and a replica of a Chinese coin hanging on an adjustable cotton cord would be a striking gift for your loves ones. One can also give a Galloping Horse Design Storage Box which will make a lovely addition to any decorative setting, apart from that they have a great practical use as well.

Chinese have a tradition for giving gifts wrapped in red colored packets as red packet or red envelope symbolizes luck and wealth. Hence Chinese New Year Party Gifts should be packed in red color gift wraps. One can gift money in a red envelope decorated with lucky symbols or any other gift packed in a red color packet. Other gifts like hand-carved embossed genuine jade sculpture, celestial music paintings set, Feng Shui wealth jar, terra-cotta Chinese warriors, wooden oriental symbols or the Sakyamuni Buddha can be used as a gift item for Chinese New Year.