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Chinese Zodiac Gifts


There are several interpretations regarding the origin of Chinese Zodiac signs. The most popular is the one which stated that the 12 animals appearing on the calendar had come in response to an invitation from Lord Buddha. It is said that a person born under the sign of each animal, would show certain characteristics of that animal. The Chinese culture gives much importance to the science of the zodiac. Each New Year is attributed to one animal, and the animal of the year is an important feature in the Chinese New Year celebrations.
There are many activities centered on this one animal, and therefore shops are full of Chinese zodiac gifts which are made according to the animal of the year. Beautiful decoration pieces representing that particular animal can be gifted on New Year as Chinese zodiac gifts. T-shirts with artistic expressions of the animal in some form or the other are a craze among young people. Therefore you can gift it to your younger brother or sister or even friends. Many attractive artworks are also available in almost every shop and stalls, which make for perfect Chinese zodiac gifts for the New Year.

Even fashion accessories relating to the animal of the year are quite popular.

Chinese zodiac gifts are available throughout the year with items available on all the animals of the zodiac. You can give Chinese zodiac gifts as birthday or Christmas presents or simply on any occasion to wish somebody good luck & happiness.

Personalized Chinese zodiac jewelry is the perfect gift to give at a wedding ceremony or anniversary. These are exotic, unique gifts and can even be custom made according to the zodiac sign which the bride represents. A great gift to give your mom would be Chinese symbols which are custom designed into her favorite calligraphy styles. This is a unique Chinese zodiac gift, which will remain with her for years.

Coffee mugs with Chinese symbols printed on them are also quite popular gift items and can be gifted to almost anyone on birthdays, Christmas on any such occasion. Personalized stamps with Chinese zodiac signs are also available, which can be used on certificates, greetings card, letters etc, and can be gifted to the person of your choice.

A perfect gift for your sister or aunt would be attractive shopping or tote bags with Chinese zodiac embroidery on them. These look quite trendy and they can carry it anywhere. You can also gift them embroidered aprons which is a very handy gift. Even canvas shoes and slip-ons have Chinese zodiac symbols embroidery on them. These Chinese zodiac gifts are very stylish, and you can gift it to a very close friend or relative. Kids would also love to wear shoes which have the Chinese dragon printed or embroidered on it making it the perfect gift for them.

Elegant and attractive photo sculptures portraying Chinese zodiac signs are also an excellent gift option for colleagues and friends. Neck ties in vibrant colors with your favorite zodiac sign printed on it, is a great gift idea for your father, uncle, brother or even boyfriend. You can even gift them New Year calendars with all the Chinese zodiac signs on them, representing each animal.

The purpose of Chinese zodiac gifts for the Chinese is much deeper than just to look trendy and stylish. It is a tribute to the age old traditions and customs that symbolize health, prosperity & happiness. To gift someone a Chinese zodiac gift only conveys the message of how much you care for them & that you wish for them all the happiness & prosperity throughout their lives.