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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Year of the Dog Presents

Year of the Dog Gifts

Year of Dog gifts

Considering Year of Dog gifts, we primarily visualize the characteristics and traits of the people associated with this year. The Chinese animal signs represent a cyclical concept of time and follow a 12 year cycle for denoting the years. The chinese lunar calendar is affected by the cycles of moon and is therefore different from the western calendar. Following the year of rooster, dog years are the eleventh in the cycle, which repeats itself once in twelve years. Dog is a sign that symbolizes an individual as compassionate and supportive. A dog is a patient listener and is always ready to help his friends.

People falling under the year of dog have a deep sense of  honesty and are a source of inspiration. A dog exhibits the traits of loyalty and sheer determination, and are thus born leaders, who are hardly fascinated by wealth. They are confident personalities who are good at keeping secrets, and are usually governed by a sound financial position. People associated with the year of dog are somewhat selfish and eccentric, and they may appear emotionally cold and sometimes at distant from rest of the crowd. While choosing the Year of Dog gifts one has to be very specific and careful about these dog traits.

Dogs are very attentive to others needs, however they are less attentive when it comes to their own problems. They are born leaders and are capable of taking control of any situation, even if the situation does not demands their direct involvement.

  Dogs do not belive in the policy "Jack of all trades and master of none", their motto however is "master of one and jack of none". They master a subject of interest before switching to other fields,  and do not believe in half-hearted efforts. They are ethically and morally strong people, which makes them trustworthy in their social circle.

While opting the Year of Dog gifts, we must consider the features and the traits associated with dog. When choosing an apparel as a gift, we can opt for some dynamic and vibrant colors, as they gel well with a dog's flamboyant personality. We should not choose dull and monotonous colours  as dogs are usually outgoing and unrestricted to boundaries.

A viable Year of Dog gift can be greeting cards that are printed with graphics of dogs or may be one-liners on their personality. These cards with animated illustrations may remind him of the unique traits he possesses being born under the year of dog. These cards may also emphasize on their characteristics associated with their compatibility with the partner's year of birth.

Another option for Year of Dog gifts can be jewellery with an embedded chinese dog sign. A glance at the jewellery will grab attention, and remind him of the special and unique category that he  belongs to. One can opt for vibrant designs that correspond with the unique traits of a dog personality.

Born with an attitude of leading and inspiring the masses, dogs are tremendously affected by the impact of negative energy. A source of positive energy can herein act as thier mentor and enable them to sail through the difficult situations, and will further ignite a spark of postive attitude and outlook in the Dog's life. Hence, Feng Shui gifts are one of the best options for Year of Dog gifts. Feng Shui is an ancient chinese system of aesthetics that is believed to use laws of both heaven and the earth. It focuses on improving life through the impact of positive energy. Feng shui gifts like pendants and wind chimes in special dog shapes can be presented to the dog to wipe out all the negative energy from their life.