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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Year of the Dragon Gifts

Year of the Dragon Gifts

Year of the Dragon Gifts

Glittering eyes, dazzling smiles and that little Year of the dragon gift helps adding a special vibrance to the New Year spirit. A New Year celebration would be completely meaningless without the presence of our friends and family, especially when we are celebrating the year of the dragon. These simple gestures of togetherness and tenderness communicate our deepest feelings, which we garner for those special loved ones.

Fifth in the cycle of the Chinese calendar, the year of the dragon reiterates every twelfth year. The Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and intense power. Eastern philosophy regards the oriental dragon as a divine beast – deliverer of good fortune and master of authority. The Dragons are creative, colorful, flamboyant, energetic and free spirited people. They are complete extroverts with big ideas, ornate gestures and extreme ambitions.

But this enthusiastic nature can leave them all tired and unfulfilled at times. Dragons are extremely dedicated and committed friends, but are too proud to accept any kind of help for themselves. Their generosity attracts many people to them, but dragons can be rather solitary people at heart.

A dragon’s self sufficiency may indicate that they are not much dependant or interested in making close bonds. Hence, while searching for a year of the dragon gift, one should necessarily keep these characteristics in mind.

The presence of all sorts of shopping sites, gifting sites and web portals, in addition to the local markets have made the process of finding that perfect year of the dragon gift more interesting, but time consuming. There is so much variety available in the market that making the right choice for gifts becomes an extremely difficult task. You can gift your dragons, anything from a range of jazzy postcards, posters, stickers, computer accessories, car accessories, mugs, apparels, tapestries and garments with graphic dragon representations. Depending upon your budget, you can even opt for expensive showpieces, paintings and wall hangings with beautiful depictions of the Dragon.

The apparel section of various shops and websites are flooded with animated stuff that is printed with Dragon graphics, images and traditional Chinese symbols. These include T-shirts, embroidered shirts, baby clothes, hoodies & sweatshirts, aprons, grocery bags, handbags, shoes, caps, hats, neckties, socks and gloves. The vast variety of Year of the Dragon Gifts also includes mugs with photographs, funny slogans, line arts of dragon and fantasy art calendars.

A number of companies have come up with various computer games, screensavers and posters in order to prove them unique and innovative. The Chinese new years have become so popular among the masses that all the companies try to encash on the market value of the event. From hawkers to local shopkeepers, companies catering to national markets to international websites, everyone is coming up with unique Year of the Dragon Gifts and marketing strategies to maximize their sales.

Before selecting the perfect Year of the Dragon gift one should consider all the personality traits of the Dragons. Dragons are generally attracted towards shades of green and blue in contrast to their aggressive nature. According to astrology, opal, sapphire and amber stones suit the dragons in general. They are generally into computer programming, public speaking, fossil hunting and astrology. Hence, one can think of gifting them tarot cards, camera, autobiographies, family crest, mobile phones and the like.

Dragons are kind souls, full of pride and self esteem. They carry a natural dislike for orders, unnecessary bureaucracy, discounted ideas and scheming people. But once you have been accepted as a friend, you will never be let down by a dragon, neither will he/she falter in their allegiance to the companionship.