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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Chinese Year of the Sheep Gifts

Chinese Year of the Ram Gifts

Year of Sheep or Ram

When we talk about the Year of Ram or Sheep gifts, the first thing that comes to our mind is the characteristics of the people associated with this year. The Chinese new year does not specifically  fall on a specific date, so one should essentially check the calendar to confirm the actual date of the  sheep year. Sheep years, following the horse years are eighth in the cycle.
People born in the year of the sheep are calm and composed individuals, they generally prefer to be under the wraps. They are considered to be quite efficient at accomplishing tasks as they have the right patience to guide things through. In certain situatiuons sheep may act as overprotective and vulnerable due to their emotional tendencies, however they can be well spoken and witty also. The sheep characteristics are tampered via one of the five Chinese elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and earth. These chracteristics overlap a 5 year cycle as compared to the original 12 year cycle, therefore disrupting the general sheep traits and personality.

A sheep symbolizes peace and harmony. People falling under the year of sheep live in their own quiet, individual and peaceful way. They are relaxed and calm personalities, and enjoy artistic and cultural activities. People associated with the year of sheep or ram are easygoing and relaxed, they love to go with the flow and therefore while choosing the Year of Sheep or Ram gifts one has to be very specific.

While choosing the Year of Ram or Sheep gifts, we should consider the features and the traits associated with sheep. When choosing an apparel one should avoid dazzling and catchy colors, instead some sober and soothing colors like white, pink, light blue etc should be considered.

Another option for Year of Ram or Sheep gifts can be a coffe mug or wine glass with an embedded portrait of sheep.  Whenever sipping a coffee or probably enjoying wine, it would possibly remind one of the special and unique category he/she belongs to. One can opt for a more simple and sophisticated design, and should avoid graffitis or one liner quotes as this might not appeal to the sheep personality.

Other viable Year of Ram or Sheep gifts can be greeting cards corresponding to the various occasions. For birthdays, a card congratulating the sheep's birthday with an additional quote or greeting reminding his importance and uniqueness to be born under the year of sheep. For occassions like wedding, the greeting card can accumulate the characteristics and traits associated with the sheep and compatibility with the partner's year of birth.

Feng shui gifts are one of the best options while considering Year of Ram or Sheep gifts. Feng Shui is an ancient chinese system of aesthetics that is believed to use laws of both heaven and the earth, it focuses on improving life through the impact of positive energy. Feng shui gifts like pendants and wind chimes can be presented to the sheep to wipe out all the negative energy from his/her life.  Being protective and concerned, they are vulnerable in nature and hence can be pacified by the impact of negative energy. A source of positive energy can herein act as thier mentor and enable them to sail through the difficulties, further positive energy will enchant the sheep's life with a positive attitude and outlook towards life.

In general terms people born under the Year of Sheep can be , enthusiastic, lovable, affable, emotional or overprotective. One needs to identify the right characteristics and visualize the plan accordingly to choose an appropriate and viable year of sheep or ram gifts.