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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Chinese Year of the Rooster Presents

Year of the Rooster Gifts

Year of the Rooster Gifts

While celebrating the Chinese New Year, finding that perfect Year of the Rooster gift for a loved one becomes an ever exciting task. One has to look out for the most unique and innovative gift to capture the essence of a relationship in the best possible manner. We have so many special people around us who make our lives worth living, and thus it becomes ever more important to show them how important they are and the best way to do so is by showering them with gifts and gestures.
Falling tenth in the cycle of the Chinese calendar, the year of the rooster commences every twelve years. Roosters are feisty, opinionated, flamboyant and extrovert personalities. They are people who can be trusted upon with closed eyes. Loyalty, bluntness, upfront character and honesty come naturally to them and they expect their contemporaries to be the same. Roosters enjoy being in the spotlight and tend to exhibit an unmatched charm and wit, which at times may become a little overbearing for the people around them. Roosters have a tendency of bragging about their achievements and self procured qualities while demanding full attention of their audience.

Hence, when on a look out for a Year of the Rooster Gift, one should definitely keep their qualities, likes and dislikes in mind.

Depending upon their character traits, one should look out for some loud, gaudy, colorful and flamboyant gifts. Expensive showpieces, paintings by a famous artist, artifacts, wall hangings, branded clothes and flashy accessories are some of the items appreciated by a rooster for a gift. Apparel stores are lined with sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters and the likes in vibrant colors, which suit the personality of a rooster completely. Big brands and small shops alike try to introduce their latest and trendy range of clothes at this time to maximize their sales. Hence shopping for a Year of the Rooster gift will prove to be a tiring job for a not-much-interested-in-shopping kind of a person.

Along with all the smart and trendy garments and tapestries available in the market, the Year of the Rooster gift range includes a number of zippy accessories, be it personal, official, computer accessories or mobile phone accessories. You can find a large variety of accessories ranging from junk jewelry to sport accessories, key-rings or keychain holder, mouse pads, hand bags, hats, caps, aprons, ties, flyers, rack cards, binders, mugs, posters, calendars, postage photo cards and posters.

There’s a dearth of options available in the market for the buyers to choose a perfect Year of the Rooster gift. One can even get a lot of these items customized for their friends and get them printed or embroidered with swanky graphics, rooster pictures or line arts, Chinese symbols or personal pictures. This can be done at the nearest photography shop in your area or city. After all what can be better than gifting shared memories to the people with whom you share a great chemistry. Many online websites and web portals also provide their customers with such facilities.

A perfect Year of the Rooster gift would exhibit all or few qualities of a rooster personality. Roosters display traits of being brave, blunt, romantic, motivated, proud resentful and even boastful at times. Hence, a pack of latest gaming/audio/video CDs, a sexy watch, classy glares, an expensive perfume or such items might suit the high nose and classy standards of a rooster. But nothing can beat the importance of personal attention in a rooster’s life. Therefore, the best way to impress a rooster is by showering him/her with special gestures like gifting them hand made gifts or cooking for them, even if you have a reputation for burning down the kitchen.