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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Year of the Tiger Presents

Year of the Tiger Gifts

Year of Tiger Gifts

Year of Tiger gifts, primarily visualizes the characteristics and traits of the people associated with this year. The Chinese animal signs represent a cyclical concept of time and follows a 12 year cycle for dating the years. The chinese lunar calendar is affected by the cycles of moon and therefore is different from the western calendar. Following the rooster years, Tiger years are third in the cycle, dates should be neccesarily checked in the calendar for an exact information about the begining of a Tiger year. Tiger is a lively and engaging individual, he is incredibly brave and forever willing to battle with his immaculate and undying courage.

People falling under the year of Tiger have a deep sense of  honesty and are considerates of family opinions in their decisions. A Tiger symbolizes bravery and sheer confidence of accomplishing tasks, however difficult or challanging the task might be. They are very lucky besides being brave and are very protective in nature, as they say " a tiger can guard you against all the evils". They are born with charming personalities and hardly consider wealth as a priority, their immaculate charm makes them very popular in social circles. A tiger however fears failure and pushes himself through deepest intricacies of depression whenever unable to accomplish a task, criticism too triggers an uncalled depression.

But like a true fighter he fights till the last breath and rises to the next challenge with a vengeance. While choosing the Year of Tiger gifts one should consider all the factors to get things working.

Tigers are extremely competitive and never take things lying down, honor is one thing they don't compromise with and can go to extreme levels to justify themselves. Tigers are very unpredictable and under-estimating their power can be a hazard, they may appear to be calm and composed but that's just a part of their underlying strategy. They are natural leaders accompanied by a strategist and tactful approach, their farsighted approach is another feather in the cap.

Taking into account the Year of Tiger gifts, we must consider the characteristic features and traits associated with a Tiger. A viable Year of Tiger gift can be greeting cards to communicate and share emotions corresponding to the occasion. A card congratulating the Tiger's birthday with some strong inspirational quotes can prove worthy, compatibilty factor with the partner's year of birth can justify wedding folklore.

One of the best options for Year of Tiger gifts can be Feng Shui items. Feng Shui is an ancient chinese system of aesthetics that focuses on improving life through the impact of positive energy. Feng shui gifts like pendants and wind chimes can be presented to the tiger to wipe out all the negative energy from his life.  Born with an attitude of leading the masses and an undying spirit to fight adversities, the impact of positive and negative energies can very well channelise the tiger's life.

Another option for Year of Tiger gifts can be jewellery with an embedded chinese Tiger signs and symbols. Yellow being the color for tiger can be the mainstream background, and some vibrant colors can be used for symbols depending on characteristic traits of the tiger. A gold watch or golden bracelets can very well fulfil the tiger's gift criterion. A tigress on other hand can be gifted some sophisticated yet inspiring earrings or bangles, a gold necklace with embodied symbols is another good option

One should be able to identify a tiger's associated characters and relate them in a meaningful manner for successfuly comprehending and presenting year of tiger gifts.