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Theydeserveit >> Easter Gifts >> Easter Gifts for Family>>Easter Bible Gifts and Presents

Easter Bible Gift Ideas

Giving a Bible as an Easter Gift
No gift could be more appropriate for Easter Sunday than the gift of a Bible. Since Easter is one of the most holy days on the Christian calendar and the events of this day form the foundation of the Christian faith a Bible gift on Easter makes more sense than on any other day of the year. When considering giving the gift of a new Bible to either a young person or to an adult there are many details to consider. At TheyDeserveIt.com we would like to help you with the decison about giving a Bible as a gift on Easter Sunday.
One of the many details you should first consider if you are giving a Bible as an Easter gift is what translation of the bible you will purchase. Several very common translations are the New International Version and the King James Version. If you are giving a first Bible or a Bible to a young reader you may want to consider a Bible which is written especially for young readers which includes some larger print, easier language and pictures of important Bible stories.

If your Easter Bible gift is going to an older person than they may already have one Bible translation and might be looking to add a second translation to their Bible collection. Once this decision is made the next steps of buying an Easter Bible gift are pretty easy.

Easter Bible Gift Sizes, Colors, Cover Styles and Carriers
Once you have visited a bookstore that sells many Bibles ou will realize that the different styles are very numerous. If you are buying for an adult you will most likely purchase a standard sized Bible with a black or burgandy leather cover. However, if you are purchasing a Bible for a younger person the style will be very important. Young adults and children might not like to carry around a Bible which is very big, so your gift might need to be of a smaller size. Different cover styles and colors will also be important so make sure you are getting something which would be fun to carry and be seen carrying. Also, with any Bible gift purchase you will probably decide if you are going to get the name engraved or embossed on the cover. All of these details make buying an Easter Bible gift fun and make the giving that much more rewarding.

Easter Bible Gifts with Study Notes or Concordance
A second part of the Bible gift purchase that can get a bit tricky is deciding if you will buy a Bible with any type of sudy notes or reference materials included. If the Bible you are purchasing is meant to be light and for easy travel then a small Bible with no major reference materials is best. If you are looking to buy a Bible for a child leaving home or getting their first serious Bible than a larger version with study and reference materials would be quite useful. New family Bibles are a popular Easter gift. Family Bibles tend to be larger and will include not only several types of reference guides but also pages to record significant family events. Their is great joy in giving a Bible and the pleasure of researching and selecting the right kind of Bible makes the Easter gift that much more personal and meaningful.

If you would like to give a Bible as an Easter gift but the family members all have Bibles they use and enjoy then it is easy to find a gift which is Bible related without replacing their personal Bible. Think about a new Bible study guide or reference book which a serious Bible reader could use. You can also get Bible carrying cases which can hold some paper and writing tools. Maybe this is the right time to present an electronic Bible for that person who likes gadgets. Bible gift giving at Easter time has endless possibilities so enjoy the process.

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