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Easter Bunny Gifts

Learn About the Legend of the Easter Bunny
There are a great many questions to be asked about the Easter Bunny. Where did the bunny come from. How does the Easter Bunny get involved with so many eggs? How does the Easter Bunny bring gifts to good children. How did the Easter Bunny Legend get started and is it an anti-Christian symbol. The legend of the Easter Bunny is like so many other parts of human folklore in that pinpointing the true beginning is not easy, but we can find out some things which shed light on the nature of the Easter Bunny and his gifts.
The Easter Bunny appears to be a myth which stems from German roots dating back to possibly as early as the 1600s. Easter Bunny goodies and candy were certainly prevelant in Germany in the 1800s. Easter Bunny traditions were first brought to America by German immigrants and from there the Easter traditions including the Easter Bunny spread worldwide.
While there are certainly clues that many Easter symbols including bunnies and eggs all stem from ancient rituals about fertility and spring time there is no decisive evidence which supports ot contradicts these theories.

The Easter Bunny and all those Easter Eggs
We all know of course that bunnies do not lay eggs. Becasue of this the image of an Easter Bunny carrying a basket of eggs presents some confusing messages which sometimes make us laugh and sometimes make us say to our children "I am not really sure sweetie but that is just the way it is". The connection between the Easter Bunny and those eggs may be as simple as this theory. Bunnies do live in homes close to or under the ground. There are many bird species which live in similar homes and also share the same habitats as bunnies (rabbits or hares if you prefer). It would not be too far fetched to believe that once upon a time someone decided purposefully or mistakenly to put the eggs from the birds and the bunnies together. And from there the rest as they say is history. Strong fertility symbols and common habitats between birds and rabbits may have produced the first Easter Bunny story.

Easter Bunny Baskets and Bunny Gifts and Presents
The origin of the Easter Bunny basket is a much more simple part of the myth to figure out. The Easter Bunny certainly could not carry all of those sweet gifts and presents in his paws now could he? So The Easter Basket was conceived. A pretty, well decorated vehicle for carrying gifts and presents to all the good children around the world. In this area the Easter Bunny basket closely resembles Santa's sack which is loaded with gifts for good children. Easter presents are just another way of telling our kids they are loved and allowing adults to relive a bit of their childhood as well.

In recent years amoung some people there has been a movement to shy away from the Easter Bunny as a symbol which distracts from the importance of the Easter Celebration and also emphasizes some pagan themes like fertility. Much in the way the Halloween traditions in the United Staes have been targeted for their possible pagan origins. The Easter Bunny, with all of his gifts and presents and Easter eggs, appears to be just another of those legends which inherently are part of the combined history of humans.

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