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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Friendship Day >> The Color Of Friendship

The Color Of Friendship

"In order to have friendship you must look past the color to the soul, because within the soul lies a rainbow of many colors" The colors of a rainbow have always been associated with friendship. In fact the colors of rainbow have been termed as the colors of friendship. It is said that the colors of rainbow symbolize the different aspects of friendship.

A rainbow having different colors is probably the most beautiful and pious scene to be viewed in any part of the world. Just like the rainbow the friendship between two souls also provides a sacred view other persons.

There is an interesting tale behind the formation of the rainbow. It is said that once the different colors of the world began to quarrel in order to signify their importance to the world. Firstly the green color said that clearly he was the most important color as God has chosen him for the signs of life like the grass, trees and leaves. Interrupting the green color the blue color quickly responded by saying that he was the most important of all as he has been selected for the sky above and the sea. Sea gives you water, which is considered to be the basis of life and the sky above, provides peace and serenity.
The orange color could take it no more and immediately replied that he was the most important color as he is the regarded as the color of health and strength. The orange color can be found in carrots, pumpkins, pawpaws and oranges. On hearing this yellow color giggled and said that he was the color of laughter, gaiety and warmth and hence he was the most important of all the colors. He was to be found in all the important things related to life like the sun, moon, stars and sunflowers.

Red interrupted the yellow color by shouting that he was the ruler of all the colors as he was the color linked with life. Red color can be found in blood and hence it is a color of danger and bravery. He said that he was also the color of passion and love as all the roses related to love are red. After the red color finished speaking the purple color rose and said that he was the color of royalty and was chosen by the great kings, bishops and chiefs as a symbol of authority and wisdom. At last the turn of the indigo came and he spoke with much determination and said that he was the most important color of all times as he was the color of silence as he represented reflection, twilight and deep water. He further said that he was needed for balance and contrast and for prayer and inner peace.

The colors went on fighting and quarreling with each other. Their voice of quarrel became so high that rain started to pour. The rain shouted at the colors and told them to be quiet as all of them were important and were created for symbolizing the unique things. Rain further told them to hold hands and have friendship among themselves. The colors did the same thing and from then whenever it rained the colors joined hands and stretched across the sky in the form of a rainbow.

These colors of the rainbow makes us understand that when we are together and appreciate each other then we also form a rainbow of colors of friendship which looks beautiful from all angles.