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Jewish Holiday Gift Ideas

Jewish Holidays are rich in tradition and steeped in history and significance. The gift giving around Jewish Holidays is also very well considered and often times specific to the religious or historical event which is being commemorated.

We have many pages of ideas for gifts which can be given with the greatest thought and consideration for most major Jewish Holiday gift giving opportunities.
While Hanukkah may be the first gift giving season which comes to mind in the Jewish calendar this is far from the most important Jewish Holiday during the year. Passover gifts and Yom Kippur gift giving are also very significant and special opportunites for gift giving within the Jewish community. Think of the special thoughfulness of a simple but elegant seder plate and how long lasting such a well considered gift can be in a Jewish family.

As you take some time to explore the different gift giving ideas we have to offer please also keep foremost in your mind the significance of each Jewish Holiday. Each gift given is a representation of the day and in the day a strengthening of the understanding God's people have for his unique relationship with them. While gifts are both fun to give and to receive any Jewish Holiday gift serves the extra purpose of strengthening an understanding of the holiday and its importance.

So whether it be one of the 9 Days of Hanukkah or the serving of the more austere Passover Meal let your Jewish Holiday gift be one which is well thought out and respectful of all the traditions and importance of the Jewish Holiday at hand.