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Kwanzaa Gift Ideas

Kwanzaa Gift Ideas

Kwanzaa is an African-American cultural festival, usually held in the United States, honoring the African heritage. It was created by Dr.Maulana Ron Karenga and was first celebrated on December 26th, 1966. It is a spiritual festival centered around seven principles. This week long celebration from December 26th to January 1st includes Kinara or candle lighting, prayer, feasting, singing and dancing. Since gifting is also an integral part of this festival, there are innumerable Kwanzaa gift ideas that you can opt for.

Kwanzaa gift ideas have to be innovative as well as traditional. This is the time to show your appreciation to your loved ones, and the best way to do so, is to present them with home made gifts. If time is short, then of course we have the choice of buying something from the market which are equally good and attractive. The behavior and characteristics of the person should be taken into account while giving gifts.

Such festivals are appropriate to make our grandparents feel that we are honored to have them. A memorable and touching Kwanzaa gift idea is to gift them with a photo collage, bordered with an exclusive frame having pictures of the whole family. And if grandpa is very classy and young at heart, we can always gift him a long-sleeved Kwanzaa sweatshirt for the cold winters. Grandma’s can also be given sweatshirts or jerseys, and if she is more of the traditional type, then a home made Mkeka (traditional mat), or Unity Cup is a great gift idea. Other gifts may include African themed home décor, goodies basket or Kinara candle holders.

Mothers are a gift of god, and we can never thank them enough for their love, sacrifice and dedication. So, Kwanzaa gift ideas for mothers have to be special and unique. Pillow or cushion covers having African motifs on them are a useful gift. Textiles woven in Africa are also a good idea. Mothers are always good cooks, but a cook book containing recipes to celebrate the Kwanzaa festival will be highly appreciated by her. Gifts may also include hand woven shawls, jerseys etc.

In case you run out of ideas for buying something traditional, then Kwanzaa gift ideas for dads should be practical and useful. Some useful gift options can be cordless tools, electronic gadgets or if budget is a constraint then gardening tools.

Kwanzaa gift ideas for children should be educational and informative, so that they have a clear idea about their cultural festival. A beautiful and homemade gift idea is Kwanzaa stationery or greeting cards for the tiny tots, using the traditional colors. Older kids can be given educational games that feature the seven principles. They can also be gifted with books, folktales or puzzles based on Africa. A great gift idea for teenagers is DVD’s related to African American Culture.

When visiting a neighbor, friend or relative’s house, Kwanzaa gift ideas should be such that it relates to the ceremony. If the person being visited is of an artistic nature, then sculptures and artwork based on Africa would be an ideal gift. When invited for lunch or dinner, a good idea would be to make one special dish related to this festival. Potpourri or spicy and fruity vinegars are also a good option. A beautiful flower arrangement of African heritage, known as the Kwanzaa free flowing style of floral arrangement, is also a good option for a traditional gift.

While presenting gifts, it has to be kept in mind that the gifts should be wrapped in papers having African prints or the traditional colors of Kwanzaa, i.e. Red, green and black papers.