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Theydeserveit >> Music>>Lloyd Music

Lloyd Music

Bill Lloyd with his remarkable harmonies, sumptuous melodies, great songs, and great performances is the King of power pop. Lloyd with his infectious tunes and distinctive voice ranging from high energy to subtle ballads has shown to the world that he is not a cardboard cutout copyist. Better known as the king of Nashville pop, Bill found his niche in Nashville's music scenario as a songwriter, record-maker, performer, producer and session player.

While internationally famous for his work in late 80's country-rock duo Foster and Lloyd and as a member of The Sky Kings in the 90's, Bill still continues to release solo most wanted albums that are considered as an essential listening by the lovers of power pop.

Lloyd's first power pop debut album "Feeling the Elephant" was released in 1986, but it was the immense success of the Foster and Lloyd duo that quickly altered his musical orientation. Foster and Lloyd were staff co-writers landing cuts in the 80s, and that landed a record deal with RCA Records later that year. They released three critically acclaimed albums and racked up nine chart singles that includes the Number One hit, "Crazy Over You" and several Top Fives with "What Do You Want With Me This Time", "Sure Thing" and "Fair Shake".

Following the rupture of the F&L duo in 1991, Lloyd took over a position with RCA's New York office as a talent scout. In 1994, Lloyd released his second solo album "Set to Pop" which later received rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and Stereo Review which named it one of their Albums Of The Year.

Lloyd was always at his best in creating big, brilliant, memorable choruses, the type that linger pleasantly in the brain long after the number is over and the king of power pop proved it again with his third solo album "Standing On the Shoulders Of Giants" in 1999 on the Koch label.

With buoyant pop tunes, dangerously infectious songs and strong lyrics he still ranks high among the giants of power pop. Over the last 25 years, Bill Lloyd's music has found a wide and enthusiastic audience which interests both teenagers and old, straight and alternative, orthodox and modern.

TheyDeserveIt give an insight into the world of Lloyd Music.

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