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New Year

Great celebrations, fun, parties, resolutions, gifts, new promises and hopes, are what a New Year is all about. New Year can be made all the more special with the New Year gifts, which can mark a fantastic start of the New Year for you and your loved one

Giving out gifts on New Year to friends and family is a very old tradition. In fact New Year gifts are considered to be a lucky charm in many traditions for both the recipient and the giver. New year gifts can vary from person to person, depending upon the person's relation in your life and even his or her temperament. Its not necessary that the new year gift should always be big and expensive, a thoughtful and simple gift can also bring an electrifying smile on the recipient's face.

New Year's Day

The first day of the year is known as the 's Day. In the contemporary times the New Year's Day is the 1st of January. This day marks the woes and worries of the passing year and rings in our mind the prophesy of prosperous times. According to the Roman calendar it was first observed on 1st of March. But later in 153 B.C. it came to be fixed on 1st of January.

New Year's Day is also marked by some great events all around the world.

  • An extra round of football matches is played on this day
  • In the United States of America the Tournament of Roses is held followed by the Rose Bowl football game.
  • In Austria, Vienna concert is held.
  • The Mummers Parade is held on Broad Street in Philadelphia.
  • The tradition of people plunging into the cold water on 's Day is observed in many northern hemisphere cities near bodies of water.
  • New Year's Day is also an occasion to make resolutions which they hope will be fulfilled in the coming year, especially that of tobacco chewing, liquor intake or loosing weight. Southeast Asians release birds and turtles free to assure themselves good luck in the coming year. Jewish people consider the day sacred, and hold a religious ceremony at a meal with special dishes. Hindus of India leave shrines next to their beds, so they can see beautiful objects at the start of the which are supposed to bring good luck.. Japanese prepare rice cakes at a social event the week before the New Year to mark their celebration of the New Year on the New Year's Day.

New Year Ideas

  • As the celebrations are in the air we can just put an extra spark to it by partying in any nearby places or in our own paradise.
  • We can also make some resolutions about on the 's Day.
  • We can take a short trip to some nearby exotic locations.
  • We can arrange for a get together with our family and friends.
  • We can go for a nice movie or some entertaining concerts or plays.
  • We can prepare some mouth watering delicacies.
  • We can arrange for some games or magic shows for the kids.
  • We can take part in some fun filled contests.
  • We can visit some friends or relatives and be a part of their celebration.
  • We can participate in 'Pot Luck Dinner' party in our friends' places.

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