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Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Christmas, one of the most auspicious and awaited times of the year, is a festival, full of fun and religious activities like midnight masses and prayers, but during all these jam packed sessions of activities there is one more ritual during Christmas, which is as popular as any other, and this is the gifts exchanging. Market during Christmas season is stocked with Christmas delicacies, decorations and gifts that people buy for their families and friends, thereby enhancing the gaiety and liveliness of the entire neighborhood.

While gifting anything to your loved ones, it's essential to know about their choices and tastes. Even before the festive season begins you can keep an eye on what your partner wants to buy, your kids are craving for, or your parents need. Also be alert around your friends and try to figure out what will they enjoy during this Christmas. What next is left to do, go out to the market and buy the best gift for your loved ones, and make the Christmas an extremely memorable day for them.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Christmas

You can also take help from some of the best Christmas gifts which are a hit during every season. So take a look at the top 10 Christmas gifts, and plan out your surprises accordingly.

  1. Bible
    A Bible acts as a unique and traditional gift for Christmas, through which you can emphasize the origin and relevance of the festival, especially through story telling during dinner time to the whole family. A nice version of The Bible, presented to your parents or your children would make them feel the true essence of the festival. You can write a sweet note on the front page of the text while you can also gift a Christmas card along with the Book. A universal gift, it can be presented to anybody.

  2. Christmas Music and Movie DVDs
    The world of media, has also embraced the festival of Christmas with heart. A lot of movies have been made, celebrating the spirit of Christmas, and various leading artists and musicians have worked on this too. You can make a compilation of these classic movies and music and gift it to your dear ones, to celebrate the festival through modes of entertainment. CDs of Frank Sinatra, Peerless Quartet are popular , while a timeless song by Robert Frost called Auld Lang Syne, is every Christmas Music CDS integral part.

  3. Engraved Silver Plated Cufflinks and Jewelery
    Jewelery on the Christmas day is a very traditional gift. You can buy a small pendant or ring for your female friends and relatives while silver cufflinks for the male friends and relatives. Though jewelery is something that you can wear on every occasion, but this festival jewelery will remind you of a time of togetherness.

  4. Special Jewelery
    Special Christmas Jewelery, with holy cross and Christ images are popular gifts during Christmas. You can present a cute diamond or silver pendant cross, dangling bracelets or earrings with a jeweled cross attached to it. A pendant of Crucifixion of Christ is also popular. You can gift these pieces to anyone, irrespective of their age or sex.

  5. Showpiece
    An elegant showpiece , or a glass ware, showing incidents or figures from Bible would make another interesting Christmas present. There are various paintings of Jesus and his disciples and their journeys into various lands, for instance, the painting of The Last Supper and The Wedding at Cana. You can gift these paintings (of course the duplicate), and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

  6. Latest Gadgets
    You can also present the normal day to day usage articles, during Christmas, as they will be equally appreciated. With the development in technology and the interest it is creating within everybody, you can buy the latest I Phone or I pod available in the market for your friends or partner, the upgraded Playstation or video games for your kids, and latest video and digital cameras for your parents. Keep everyone happy this Christmas.

  7. Vouchers and concert tickets
    One of the best parts of Christmas celebration is the amazing and entertaining musical and game shows that happens in almost every place, filled with people, and cinema stars. You can arrange the passes of these musical events for your family, and friends, and provide them a gala night to celebrate this Christmas.

  8. A Santa Gift Shower
    What could be better for the kids on a Christmas Eve than Santa Clause giving them presents, straight out of his bulky bag. You can arrange for a local Santa for your kids, or play a Santa yourself in the trademark red and white costume and beard, and shower those lovely presents, chocolates and toys on your kids that they want.

  9. A Christmas Cake
    A Christmas Festival is incomplete without the customary Chocolate cake . You can bake it yourself or buy one from the best bakery in town and with a personal message gift it to the people close to you. The special Christmas Rum Cakes and Chocolate Almond Cakes are very popular during festive season.

  10. Special Christmas Wine
    Another special item without which Christmas celebrations are incomplete, are the exquisite bottles of wine and champagne, that people have during the dinner or toast time. These special wine bottles make one of the most popular gift items during Christmas, which one can present to anyone from friends, neighbors, relatives to parents.

Christmas is a festival of decorating your house with Christmas tree and other autumnal things while at the same time having a blast with your loved ones. Plan a party or a family dinner for all of them and you can have an amazing memorable time this Christmas.

Last Updated On : October 25, 2011

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