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Top 10 Gift for the Bride

The day of marriage is the day that totally transforms a girl, changing her from a carefree and immature person to a responsible woman. Her dreams, aspirations and requirements also change with this big event in her life, and thereby making all her loved ones as happy for her as she herself is. To bless and congratulate a bride for this happiness, you can present her amazing gifts. The groom can also buy a sweet romantic gift for her bride, and assure her of the love and warmth that is awaiting for her.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Bride

It is always confusing and difficult to match up to the level of joy and happiness of the newly weds through a present , but with these top 10 gifts for the bride, you can make an effort to show your delight on the beginning of her new life.

  1. Jewelery
    It is a conventional choice as a wedding gift, especially for a bride, as the man's jewelry is still a little unusual as a wedding gift. Brides are showered with jewelery, before and post their wedding day. Diamond is undoubtedly the best choice, but you can of course choose other options like pearls and the semi-precious stones, which are the best substitutes for diamond.

  2. Flowers
    Acting as messengers in disguise, flowers are one of the most traditional and all time favorite wedding gifts for the couples, especially the brides are loaded with many beautifully decked up bouquets. You can gift bouquets of carnations, gardenias, freesias, and orchids to a bride on her big day.

  3. Perfumes
    These are nature's gift to the human-kind. A nice fragrance can be a useful gift for the bride. Many acknowledged brands have amazing range of perfumes, which goes with the important occasion as wedding, so you can present one of these bottles or a hamper, to a bride for her future toiletries.

  4. Heart Shaped Pendant
    These are famous as the gifts for brides or unmarried girls, especially given to them by their husbands. Women just love such an asset in their jewelry box, so you can present a heart shaped pendant to your wife on the wedding night, which will act as your heart in disguise. Hang this pendant to a starling silver or gold chain, and help her wear it.

  5. A Gift Basket
    You are at liberty to prepare a gift basket with the products you think will impress the bride, from her make up to jewelery. You can also add special items like Pacifica Scented Candle, which is a set of aromatic candle for a perfect wedding package.

  6. A Cosmetic Hamper
    Another ideal gift for a bride, you can prepare a basket with different types of cosmetics and make-ups. Other than that add some perfumes and shower gel to the hamper, along with a bathing kit. This is a really utilitarian gift for the bride.

  7. Personalized Goodies
    Getting married would definitely have been giving her some nervousness, as it is customary along with the excitement. So if you are a close friend to the bride, tease her a bit by adding to the nervousness, by gifting her domestic articles like, pillow covers, cushions, bedsheets, towels or even dresses , with a "Mrs" tag on the items, which would make her jump but also laugh at the same time. An interesting and yet useful idea, this would make the bride blush in literal sense.

  8. Home Theatre
    An expensive but very useful gift item, a Home Theatre is one of the modern day necessities for a newly wed couple. This is an ideal gift for the bride because those days are over when diamond was the only best friend of women, this Home Theatre will let her unwind on the weekends.

  9. A Spa Treatment
    This is a gift that a bride will truly value, as with wedding comes that restless stage, which gives unnecessary stress to the bride and groom. So you can give the bride, a properly arranged spa treatment for her relaxation and beauty sitting. It could be given pre or post wedding, and by anyone from friends to husband.

  10. Honeymoon Package
    Your best friend's wedding needs extra preparations on your part as well. Do all the research, and financial arrangements on her behalf, and send her on a romantic holiday after wedding, with her husband. This will make a unique and a really appreciable gift by the bride and the groom as well. This present can also be gifted by the groom to his wife.

With these creative ideas, you can make the bride glow, blush and most importantly happy, on the most important day of her life. So present her some unique gifts as a congratulatory gesture, and keep her spirits lively.

Last Updated On : October 25, 2011

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